Peruvian Opal Pink Stone

Opal pink stone

Peruvian Opal Pink Stone
Opal is a hydrated silica (SiO2.nH2O) with a water content within the mineral structure. Precious Opal contains 6% – 10% water and consists of small silica spheres arranged in an orderly three dimensional structure. It is created by percolating water in or near sedimentary volcanic ash that dissolves silica of shells, bones and woods, “fossilizing” them into opal. Opal is not a particularly hard stone so care must be taken to preserve the natural beauty of this gem

Associations of Peruvian Opal Pink Stone
Opal , is recommended. Physically, the Opal is said to increase the assimilation of protein into the body and to be helpful to the lungs. The Opal is an important stone and also represents unconditional love such as that of a parent to a child. It is important that this stone is not worn by anyone with an afflicted (difficultly aspected) Venus.

Usage of Peruvian Opal Pink Stone
The Opal is truly the “Queen of Gems” and the Eve of the Gods. A stone of hopes, positive actions and achievements. It has always been one of the most popular and esteemed gems, known to absorb, carry and pass enormous amounts of energy. A mysterious gem, as each one appears different in its delicate beauty. Promotes psychic stability and the capacity to share. A stone of love and romance and a stone to grant wishes and personal happiness.

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