Peruvian Turquoise Stone

Beautiful jewelry turquoise

Peruvian Turquoise Stone
The mineral CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8 is known as Turquoise Chrysocolla is attractive blue-green that provides a unique color to the mineral world. Chyrsocolla is perhaps more appropriately a mineraloid than a true mineral. Most of the time it is amorphous meaning that it does not have a coherent crystalline structure. However at higher temperatures it does demonstrate a distorted crystal structure that seems to be composed of Si4 O10 sheets. Chrysocolla forms in the oxidation zones of copper rich ore bodies.

Associations of Peruvian Turquoise Stone

Peruvian Turquoise is an important ornamental mineral for jewelry and adorned the ceremonial dress of early native Inkas.
It also brings good fortune and attracts healing spirits. Delicate veining, caused by impurities, is desired by some collectors as proof of a natural stone.
In earlier times Turquoises were sometimes thought responsible for the material wealth of their bearers. For example, Persian philosopher Al Kazwini wrote: “The hand wearing a Turquoise and using it as a sealing stone, will never be poor.” Turquoises were loved as ornaments decorating turbans, often set in a border of pearls, in order to protect the wearer from the “evil eye”.
The North American Indians, who are still producing quite a few pieces of traditional silver jewellery set with Turquoises today, believed that the gemstone the colour of the sky would establish a direct connection between the sky and the lakes.
At all times in history Turquoise was worn as protection to ward off the influence of dark and evil powers.

Colours of Peruvian Turquoise Stone

Color is a unique green-blue but can vary widely from more blue to more green, often in the same specimen.
Luster is earthy to dull or vitreous and waxy.
Transparency specimens are translucent to opaque.
Crystal System is probably monoclinic or orthorhombic.
Growth Habits include mostly massive forms that can be crusts, stalachtites and botryoidal.

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