Sodalite Stone

Sodalite Peruvian Stone

Sodalite Stone
The mineral is known as Sodalite. Sodalite comprises its constituent elements (sodium, aluminium, silicon, oxygen and chlorine) arranged in the cubic system of crystal symmetry. (This system of crystal symmetry is the simplest of all crystal symmetries because it takes the form of three axes at mutual right-angles, all the same length as each other.) Sodalite is mined in many locations and usually occurs together with nepheline and cancrinite.

Associations of Sodalite
Sodalite has many interesting metaphysical characteristics and is associated with:
Logical reasoning and clear, rational, thought processes.
Elimination of confusion and unemotional efficiency.
Group-work, fellowship, solidarity and commonality of purpose.
Emotional honesty (primarily with oneself, possibly also extending to others).
Uses in crystal healing – including associations with some specific conditions.

Peruvian Stone

Colours of sodalites
The most common colour of sodalite is blue. Shades vary but tend to be darker rather than lighter shades of blue. Azure-blue is particularly common.
Other (less common) colours of sodalite include: colourless, green, grey-white, light-red, pink and yellow.
The transparency of sodalite ranges from transparent to translucent but the most common forms of sodalite tend to be translucent (shades of blue with white streaks and inclusions).

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