12 Baby Alpaca “Llama” (BALM)

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12 Baby Alpaca “Llama” (BALM)
12 Baby Alpaca “Llama” (BALM)


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12 Baby Alpaca "Llama" (BALM) - Handmade Peru. The baby alpaca fiber in this handmade toy feels so soft and silky to the touch offers quality and style at the same time you will have an exclusive product. It is important to explain that Alpacas are in no way mistreated to obtain their fur, these toys are hand woven from the wool of the alpaca, obtained with natural processes. Material: Baby Alpaca. Size: 7 inch (18 cm.). Colours: Available in natural colors. Gender: Unisex. Product code : BATBG. The pictures, that we show, are samples of the beautiful styles that you will receive.

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